Tarwa N-Tiniri

Tarwa N-Tiniri will perform at African Beats Festival 2023! This 6-member band from Ouarzazate, Morocco, is considered the future of the Saharan blues. The name of the band means "sons of the desert". See you on August 11-13 in Kawęczyn

Tarwa N-Tiniri, which means "sons of the desert" in the Amazigh language, hails from the southern city of Ouarzazate in Morocco. They are inspired by bands such as Tinariwen, Tamikrest and Bombino, and the goal of these young musicians is to become a recognizable desert blues band around the world. The words of their songs are written in Amazigh language, and they are connected by the sounds of handclap, acoustic and electric guitar, drums, gourd and bass. Their music is the social message of the nomads of their native land. Tarwa N-Tiniri's music is rooted in traditional Amazigh sounds, and also blends and interweaves jazz, reggae and especially the unique sound of desert blues.

Most of Tarwa N-Tiniri's songs are written and composed by the band members, and some songs are from Amazigh poets. 

The band released their first song "Taryet" in March 2017. This song has garnered over six million views on YouTube and millions more on other platforms.

In 2019, the band released their first album "Azizdeg" in cooperation with the Canadian label Atty Records. 

Tarwa N-Tiniri is a young and promising band that in their short career has had successful tours in Norway and France and will surely surprise the rest of the world with their peculiar sound. Their goal is to make nomadic desert cultures known through music as a universal language. 

“We are the generation of the desert, the generation that must take responsibility for restoring the people of the desert to their culture, dignity and self-confidence.”



Dworek pod Wiechą
ul. Gościnna 20
05-555 Kawęczyn

Dworek pod Wiechą
ul. Gościnna 20
05-555 Kawęczyn

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